October 2017

Why am I in touch?

Thai Massage brings me into touch. Sharing healing vibration. The connection to myself as an unfolding art of meditative exchange between my receiver and me. Through my practice of acroyoga I felt in love with this form of touch. I always knew I want to transfer healing with my hands. With Thai Yoga Massage I knew in which form. The practice gave me a deeper understanding for love and oneness. To feel a person melting under my hands. Giving a healing touch and creating a connection beyond our outside understanding of the world. In my opinion a mindful interaction can replace any word we would have said. The massage is transmitted through my heart. In this co-creation of giving and receiving accures a space of letting go.


Like Rachel Naomi Remen once said: ‘Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.‘

Connection without words

The way I see Thai Yoga Massges is in terms of energetic healing. I am working the physical body of my receiver as well as the deeper levels of the emotinal body. Releasing blockages and giving space for growth. Space goes hand in hand with motion. And all of that creates the dance. Guided by intuition. Each dance is a unique form of connection in itself. My hands are like magnets and absorbing the spots that need attention. A gentle space that holds healing. Connection without words. Being in touch and receiving touch is a basic need of our human existence. Diving into massage brings me into a higher state of presence. Like a meditation of touch.


To make the practice more clear and give you a visual idea: A Thai Yoga Massage treatment is fully dressed with comfortable clothing. The giver is guiding the receiver through a sequence of supine position, side position and sometimes sitting or flying postures. In all positions there are different techniques to work the energy lines, to strech the bodyparts or to mobilise differtent areas. By the end oft he massage, the whole body was touched in a mindful and holisic way.

Nowadays we keep spinning and chose a yang oriented lifestyle. This comes along with stress and tension. A healing touch reminds us to let go and relax. To allow ourselves to become fluid again. A counterbalance to our immense strength for sinking into softness. Are you in touch? Receive and schedule an Thai Yoga Massage treatment with me. I am offering massages from 60 minutes up to 120 minutes.