Handstand Revolution Workshop in Berlin

Handstandworkshop 11.00 – 14.00 Uhr at Tanzraum Wedding
Price: 40€
Discount: sign up with a friend and pay 35€
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We want to invite you to explore the diversity of the our upside down world and give you tools for a continuous and safe handstand practice.
Why is this workshop so special?
Two teachers, two different body types, two different perspectives and double the fun.
Our intention is playfulness and discovering a handstand that feels good for your specific body type.
Jules and Sebastian want to share their passion for handstands and create a handstand community that learns from each other. Both very dedicated to the practice of learning continuously and implementing functional movement, active flexibility and Handbalancing techniques.
Throughout our years of practice and teachers we are excited to share our Gaines knowledge about all aspects of the handstand practice.
More info:
@ the handstand revolution
@ Friess.sebastian
@ yogabujules
open level but mandatory physical fitness with inversion experience
Prehab + warm up drills
Handstand training (shapes, entries, press)
Flexibility and mobility