5.4.24 Berlin Acro Mini convention – Pre Convention Intensive

Some people have told us our mini convention is too mini — and for these people who can’t get enough acro, we are introducing a pre-convention acro intensive day of workshops!
Extend your training another day before our main event of the weekend. We are excited to have Nate and Jules for our first pre-con! They are known for their precision and focus on technique, specializing in standing hand-to-hand and foot-to-hand. As a similar-sized duo, they strive to find a feeling of ease and lightness in movement together.
Topics for this day include:
1. Foot-to-hand: Refining your techniques in L-base foot to hand to have more fun doing entries and exits in standing foot to hand.
2. Hand to hand: Sharing our knowledge of hand-to-hand tricks to improve your standing hand-to-hand practice.
3. Mini Dynamics: Bringing tempo work and skills together in an accessible format to learn and solidify the foundations of dynamic movements in a partner practice.
There will be breaks for lunch and between each workshop.
Register by filling out this form:
Early bird until 03. March:
Pre-con with Nate & Jules: €60 per person
Mini-con main event: €60/one day OR €100/two days
Normal bird after 03. March:
Pre-con with Nate & Jules: €70 per person
Mini-con main event: €70/one day OR €115/two days
***Book the pre-con and get 5% off you mini-con ticket!***
If you would like to attend but cannot reasonably afford the ticket price, please contact us. We would like to be as inclusive as possible and will try to find a fair solution for all of us!
Please note the location of this event:
Flow Motion Studio Neukölln
Glasower Str. 60
12051 Berlin
Haus 1, 3. OG
For questions, please write us at hello@flowmotionstudio.de.

Date:  05.04.2024 (Fr)
Time:  10am – 6 pm
Location: Flow Motion Studio
Adress: Glasower Straße 60
12051 Berlin, Deutschland
Booking: Onlinebooking