12.11.23 Handstand Workshop in Berlin

I want to invite you to explore the diversity of handstands and give you tools for a continuous and safe practice.
My intention is to share my playfulness in being upside down and further more a handstand that feels good for your specific body type.
This workshop will include a handstand specific warm-up, alignment drills and training structure, different handstand shapes, compression work and flexibility training to evolve your handstand practice.
open level workshop but mandatory physical fitness with inversion experience
Prehab + warm up drills
Handstand training (shapes, entries, press)
Flexibility and mobility
Sign-up via email at info@yogabyjules.de
English and German

Date:  12.11.23
Time:  10 – 1 pm
Location: Tanzraum Wedding, Berlin
Price: 30€
Booking: info@yogabyjules.de