Standing Acro Workshop with Nate and Jules in Vienna 21./22.10.23

Sat. 21.10 | 14:00 – 17:00 (3hr)
– Fundamentals of Foot to Hand & Hand to Hand from L-base to Standing
– Pitching Fundamentals
– Some experience in L-base foot to hand & hand to hand
– Handstand 10 second hold (with spotter)
Sun. 22.10 | 13:00 – 16:00 (3hr)
– Standing Foot to Hand & Hand to Hand Entries
– Tempos: Building to Dynamic Acro
– Stable standing hand to hand
– Standing foot to hand squats
Build up your foot to hand and hand to hand with us to take it standing and make it feel solid! On Saturday we will be focusing on the foundations needed to create a strong foot to hand and hand to hand that you can build off of for bigger tricks. We will also be exploring pitching technique that we use as a similar sized duo to make pitching feel lighter!
On Sunday we will dive deeper into more advanced skills in standing F2H & H2H, sharing how to make entries such as tam pam, cartwheel and many more feel easy and smooth. We will then finish off the weekend with a focus on the fundamental skill of tempos, giving you the homework necessary to work up to those flashy dynamic skills! We believe that you can never do enough work on tempos 🙂
Note there are different Pre-requisites for each day.
There will be a short snack break both days.
Workshops will be in English, some German translation is possible if needed.
*** COST ***
Regular Price
€40 per day or €70 for the weekend
Special Discount for KreativSport Club Members
€25 per day or €40 for the weekend
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