Handstand Revolution Teacher Training

Are you a movement teacher or a coach and want to start teaching or improve your handstand teaching? Then this 5 day handstand teacher training is for you.
In this teacher training you will learn:
⁃ How to structure handstand classes and workshops
⁃ mental coaching and mindset
⁃ Exercises and drills that help your students to improve faster/progressively
⁃ Build confidence in your handstand practice and teaching
⁃ Anatomy of inversions
⁃ Spotting (without interfering) and working with different props
⁃ Recovery techniques and injury prevention to enjoy more time on your hands
This teacher training is for everyone who wants to integrate handstands in classes or coaching sessions, already is teaching handstands or wants to get started teaching handstands, and all of the handstand junkies who want to deepen their holistic understanding of the practice.
– daily handstand practice
– teaching practice
– flexibility training and conditioning
⁃ being able to kick up into a handstand
⁃ 20 seconds handstand with spotting or at the wall
Jules Kühner
Sebastian Friess
Jordis Troost
All of us learned handstands in our adulthood and this gives us a deeper understanding for the diversity of the handstand practice. Through our movement backgrounds and teaching experience we integrate yoga, functional movement, flexibility and much more.
All teachers are native speaker German so no problems in adapting to German

Date:  18.-22.09.2024
Location: Brunnenhaus
Booking: Onlinebooking