Handstand Revolution Weekend

Join us for a weekend full of handstands in community surrounded by nature.
You can choose between an intermediate and/or advanced class according to your level.
We believe in the power of learning in and from community that’s why there will guided handstand jam.
Apart from handstand training time there will be possibility for free training, morning mobility / movement and evening stretching sessions. During free time you can use the sauna, go for a walk in the forest or swim in the river. Three delicious vegetarian meals will be provided for you.
– Handstand on the wall
– Feeling comfortable kicking up to a handstand in a free room
Topics that will be covered:
– Handstand alignment
– Different entries
– Shapes / bendy handstand
– One arm
Jules Kühner
Sebastian Friess
Jordis Troost

Date:  27.-30.6.2024
Location: Brunnenhaus
Tickets: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/brunnenhausgmbh/1112946