Inversion & Flexibility Workshop

Get fit and bendy upside down with Jules & Dmitriy

What you seek is seeking you.

Hold the world in your hands and point your feet towards the sky. Heart over head, limitless.

From fundamentals down to details, this workshop will guide you through different exercises that enhance your inversion practice in a balanced way of strength and flexibility.

We will work on different inversions like headstand, forearm stand, handstand and partner handbalancing, approaching these from a place of strength, flexibility, and awareness to create a solid foundation.

No matter how much experience you have, we will provide progressions to the level of your practice. You’ll love all the tips and tricks, playtime and adjustments.

We will start the session with warm-up exercises, practice different inversions and flexibility exercises, and will end the workshop with therapeutics. Most importantly, we will have lots of fun!

– Wrist and shoulder preparation
– Headstand
– Forearmstand
– Handstands & their variations
– Partner inversions
– Press up handstand progressions
– Active flexibility
– Therapeutics

– Most important: Do you wanna learn more about inversions?
– First experiences in being upside down
– Movement practice / physical fitness
– For questions please contact me any time (

Benefits of inversions:
– Reduce anxiety and stress
– Increase of body- and self-awareness
– Cleanse through reversing of blood flow
– Increase concentration
– Strengthen immune system
– A perfect moving meditation

35 €/ 30 € Early Bird (bis 11.11.)
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About the teachers:

Jules is movement junkie, yoga teacher, Acro teacher and Thai massage practitioner. She is influenced and educated in India, Los Angeles and Berlin.

Dmitriy, as a guest teacher from Los Angeles, is a specialist in circus arts, including handstands and contortion. He is also trained as yoga teacher and partner acrobat.

The world is our playground and life is a wonderful art each moment, so let’s explore together.

Date:  24.11.2018 (Sa)
Time:  2 – 4.30 pm
Location: Tons Berlin
Adress: Böttgerstrasse 16, Berlin
Price: 35€/ 30€ early bird

We are looking forward to play with you!

Jules & Dmitriy