Movement Chunks by Jules & Marius

We are movement junkies and like to share what moves us.
We want to dive into
• Inversions & Handstands
• Acrobatics
• Kletteryoga
• Functional movement
• Therapeutics, Rehab, Bodywork

If you are a mover and like being upside down, putting weight on your hands and feet, playing with balance and shapes, finding creativity in your movement, this workshop is for you. Let’s find empowerment through expressing and exploring our movement capabilities.

And this is why we love to move. Because it creates a conversation where no words are needed. The way we move our bodies pretty much represents the way we do the rest of our lives. We can co-create things and learn how to really support each other. And receiving the teachings of how to be more embodied human beings!

– Acro experience (Sidestar, Reverse Star, f2h)
– Regular yoga practice
– Profound fitness and flexibility
– Basic handstand is an advantage
– Bouldering or climbing practice is also good

• Warm up and how to do it wholistic
• Moving Meditation
• Acro yoga & Partneracro
• Kletteryoga and the human climbing tree
• Inversions and Handstands
• The WHY behind technique and mechanics of movement
• Therapeutics

39€ for Early bird until 25.11.:
49€ Normal
10% off with a partner = Partner Ticket

Date:  09.12.2017 (SO)
Time:  1 – 6 pm
Location: FMP1
Adress: Franz-Mehringplatz 1, Berlin
Price: 49€/ 39€ early bird
Booking: Onlinebooking