<span style=”color: #808080;”>February 16th 2016</span>

Loveletter to Berlins’ Charm

Every time when people ask me where I am from, they want to know some special things of my  hometown <strong>Berlin</strong>. So let me tell you something about my<strong> love</strong> Berlin. What I really love about this city is the great <strong>spirit</strong> and <strong>variety</strong>. You can drift and dive through the city. You can just be whatever you want to be. You can be part of it, or just observer the inner city cycle. It gives you always what you need. In most parts of Berlin money plays a minor role. The mixture between living and being is in balance.

Creativity & Arts

The most inspiring fact for me is the <strong>art scene</strong> and <strong>creativity</strong>. The people are expressing themselves. My favor for <strong>electronic music</strong> goes hand in hand with that. You can let yourself fall into the sound of techno whenever you love to dance. And then you dance. Not only until the <strong>sun</strong> comes out – until you are done. There are many opportunities to be part of free events or cultural organizations. The slogan of Berlin fits perfect: <strong>Be City, Be Change, Be Berlin</strong>.

Nature & Self Expression

Another point is that there is a lot of <strong>nature</strong> within Berlin. So you have always a <strong>park</strong> area around the corner. The <strong>river</strong> is crossing through the whole city and along it you find always a spot to <strong>enjoy</strong> time. Every kind of personality finds a platform to <strong>express himself</strong>. The interconnection between all of them is like a play of colors. The <strong>multiculturalism</strong> built a hub of the world.

History & Inspiration

You also have the chance to experience the connection between <strong>history</strong> and our worlds perspective <strong>today</strong>. You are confronted with old stories all around the city. Old buildings or just monuments. East meets West a symbol for <strong>union</strong> and <strong>separateness</strong> in one. Sometimes I compare Berlin as it’s <strong>own world</strong>. It’s just unique in itself. You can feel free whatever you feel to be today. Besides that sharing and spreading are big values, too.

Our public transportation system is amazing. You can get through the whole city by bus, train, bicycle, boat and even by walking. And the best of all of them is that you can use the transportation 24 hours every day. The spirit influences me every day and I just <strong>love my Kiez</strong>. <img class=”emoji” draggable=”false” src=”https://s0.wp.com/wp-content/mu-plugins/wpcom-smileys/twemoji/2/svg/2764.svg” alt=”❤️” /> <strong>Namaste</strong>

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