27./28.07. Berlin Intensive Acroweekend with Max & Jules

We are really excited to be welcoming you to this fun acroyoga intensive weekend in Berlin !

This workshop is focused on strengthening our fundamental postures, which allow us to work towards the creative side of acroyoga.
How can we move our bodies toward postures and points of contacts that are new ?
How can we explore new transitions, and what are the tools we can use to practice safely when going to new places ?
Get hooked on getting creative with each other!

Those events are also so important to us for their community building quality. We’ve all come to love acroyoga for the fun skills, but we love to put an empathize on working together to build a community where everyone feels safe to express their creativity and vulnerability.
Come and be part of that vision 🙂

Be ready to have fun and be challenged with transitions and new washing machines that we have prepared for you!
During the first part of the workshop, we well strengthen our basic postures and transitions. We will offer a new flow, with new transitions, describing our creative process that allows us to reach those unknown places. From there, we’ll expand further more and work on specific skills according to what the group would like to practice.
The workshop is always filled with games and community building exercises. So expect to train, learn new things, but more important, to have a lot of fun !

This is an intermediate workshop. To reach places where creativity flourishes, it’s important that the basic and fundamentals postures and transitions are handled with control. That’s why you should be comfortable with:
-Bird, Throne, Star & Side Star.
-hip movement and inversions.
– Washing machines such as Ninja Star or Corkscrew are good examples of the kind of movements we will expand from.

We are Maxime Aliphat from FlyingWithMax & Jules Tollkühn from Yogabyjules. Combining our international knowledge and playfulness, we are happy to be sharing our practice with you! Bringing our acro backgrounds together, combining versatile acro communities and places, we create our own flow influenced by world known playgrounds like France, Canada, Mexico, USA, Spain, etc..
So get ready to twist, turn, go upside down and connect even further with your acro community during this weekend with us !

Park at Gleisdreieck
Möckernstraße 26, 10963 Berlin, Germany

SPOTS: Limited to 20 people, so book in advance!

Saturday 27th of July 9h30-12h30 then 14h00-17h00
Sunday 28th of July 9h30-12h30 then 14h00-17h00Price:


EARLY BIRD ( Up to the June 13th) :
Saturday & Sunday : 90€ single / 160€ couple

FULL PRICE ( Starting on June 14th ) :
-Saturday & Sunday : 100€ single / 180€ couple
-Single Day ( Saturday OR Sunday) : 60€ single 100€ couple

To make your booking, please contact Maxime on Whatsapp (+1 438 7226735) or via flyingwithmax@gmail.com or directly with Jules Tollkühn on Whatsapp (+49 176 32859714)