Acro E-Motion Intensive

Building a solid, safe emotional foundation really helps trusting in what you can do and in the person you are doing it with, completely changes the results of your training.

Bringing ease, lightness, understanding and patience in training seems easy in theory, everyone likes that.

But most of the times this practice brings up lots of challenges and progress is slowed down through things like, feeling rejected, being afraid, not feeling worth it, insecurities etc…

We are going to work through the tricks the mind is playing on us when training and all the stories our head is telling us when flying/basing, and how to overcome them to really progress stress free.

Date:  29.07.2018
Time:  1oam – 5.30 pm
Location: Park am Gleisdreieck, Berlin
Contribution: 45€ early bird till 1st of July
55€ regular

Sign up: email
Davide +39 3386610461
Jules +49 17632859714

We are looking forward to play with you!

Jules & Davide